The Magnificent Obsession – Paperback

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The Magnificent Obsession – Paperback


Are you missing the Essential to a joyful, purpose-filled life?  Has your faith lost its fire…or even its meaningfulness?

Are you devoted to your church or your religion but still struggle with its practical relevance to daily life?

Are you a good person, working hard, contributing to your community, yet find life is somehow incomplete and hollow at the core?

Are you restless in your spirit, with a nagging sense that there just has to be something more?

Anne Graham Lotz has known this struggle, too.  As she searched for answers to her heart’s yearning and emptiness, Abraham walked out of the pages of her Bible and into her life.

Abraham’s life was full of twists and turns, riches and losses, deceit and redemption, failure and success.  Nevertheless, his story held the key to satisfying Anne’s hungry heart.  The key: embracing a God-filled life.  Step by step.  Choice by choice.  Day by day.  Despite struggling, as we all do, with compromise, fear, family, quarrels, doubt, and disappointment, in the end, Abraham knew God…as His friend.

Challenged by Abraham’s example, Anne began a lifelong pursuit of knowing God.  Through personal anecdotes, unforgettable stories, and inspiring insights, she shared answers found as she has embraced the God-filled life.


1. Leave Everything Behind
Let Everything Go
Entrust Everything Completely
4. Pursue Everything Patiently
Lift Everything Up
6. Cast Everything Out
7. Lay Everything Down
8. Mourn Everything Hopefully
9. Pass Everything On

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