Frequently Asked Questions

AnGeL Ministries – Policy:

Can Anne respond personally to my email or letter, or call?
Due to Anne’s ministry schedule and her desire to stay focused on what the Lord has called her to do, she has requested that our staff reply to emails, calls and mail on her behalf.  We pray for your understanding in this decision.

Does AnGeL Ministries sponsor other ministries, their events, or products?
We know you will understand that God has called Anne to a specific and intense ministry, and in obedience to that call she must maintain a “singleness of heart and action” (Jeremiah 32:39). For this reason, we would not be able to partner with or help support your ministry, as we remain focused on His call.

Daily e-Devotion (Joy of My Heart):

I am no longer receiving the daily devotion, Joy of My Heart.  Why did my subscription to the daily e-devotion stop?
Please check you SPAM or junk folder as the devotion emails may have been marked as spam.

My daily devotions are not in my SPAM folder.  What else can I do?
For further assistance with accessing your daily e-devotions, please click Assistance with e-Devotion Delivery.

May I forward the daily e-devotion to friends?
Yes, the e-devotion may be forwarded.  However,  because the ‘unsubscribe’ button is linked to your own email address and can be unsubscribed by others, please use the FORWARD button at the top of the devotion to send the e-devotion to others.

G-MAIL often sends our mail to your PROMOTIONS folder.  Where is that folder?
You will find information on locating your PROMOTIONS folder in GMAIL by clicking on Assistance with E-Devotion Delivery.

How do I re-subscribe?
From our website home page click on CONTACT and complete the email form requesting that we send you a new confirmation email through our e-devotion email service.  When received, please open that email and click on the “YES, SUBSCRIBE ME” area to complete your confirmation.  Your e-devotions will begin arriving the next morning.

When I try to re-subscribe your message says I am already subscribed… now what?
If are still noted as an active subscriber there is no issue on our end.  However, three suggestions that may help:

  1. Add our email address to your email contacts.  It is  This will enable emails to drop into your inbox and not a spam folder.
  2. Check your spam folder they may be there.
  3. If you do not locate the emails in your spam/junk mail folder then you may need to contact your service provider.  They may have increased the filter settings and are not allowing our mail through.  You will probably have to ask them to add our email address, as given above, to be allowed into your system.

The daily devotions are also on our website here and you might consider downloading the free mobile app for your phone or device from this link  Please let us know if you require further assistance.

Bible Studies:

Are any of Anne’s video Bible studies CLOSED CAPTIONED?
The only video resources we have that are captioned are Anne’s video Bible studies The Magnificent Obsession  and The Daniel Prayer.

What translation of the Bible does Anne use?
Anne primarily uses New International Version (NIV), New King James Version(NKJV), or New American Standard Bible (NASB).

Are Anne’s Bible Studies accredited?
Anne’s Bible studies are not accredited for continuing education.  AnGeL Ministries is a non-profit ministry and is not affiliated with any college, university, or school of higher learning, or with the North American Christian School Accrediting Agency.

Can I make copies of Anne’s Bible Study DVDs?
Many of our DVDs are produced by outside publishers, therefore, we are unable to grant permission for them to be copied.

Social Media:

With regard to Face
book, Instagram and Twitter, please note that Anne does in fact have ministry pages on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. She does not, however, have any personal profile accounts on any platform. Anne will therefore not send out direct or private messages

 If you do receive a direct message from someone using Anne’s picture and/or name it is NOT from Anne. This message would be coming from a fraudulent, impersonation account. We work very closely with all social media outlets to take down any fraudulent accounts. 

We welcome you to follow Anne on her . . .
book ministry page –,
Twitter page –
Instagram ministry page – 

Dropped Phone Calls:

Please be aware that our ministry phone system only accepts calls with a caller I.D.  If your caller I.D. is disabled and your call to the ministry is suddenly dropped or it sounds like someone is hanging up on you, please know that is not the case.  Our phone equipment simply does not allow calls through unless the caller I.D. is available. Please feel free to contact us via email here

Products / Resources:

How can I get a copy of the CD from Just Give Me Jesus with Fernando Ortega singing “Give Me Jesus?”
The CD that contains Fernando singing Give Me Jesus along with Anne’s devotional listing the attributes of Christ, is only available with Anne’s hardback book Just Give Me Jesus.  That book can be found for purchase here.  Due to copyright law, we cannot provide or sell the CD separately from the book.


How long will it take my product to ship?
The checkout page on the website store will provide you with many shipping options including USPS, UPS, 2nd Day Air, and Next Day Air.   USPS has Monday-Saturday delivery and Priority USPS mail will take 2-3 days for most domestic locations.  Delivery time to international locations varies in each country based upon their postal delivery system.  UPS has Monday-Friday delivery. Click here for a map of estimated UPS delivery.  You are welcome to call the office to place an order if you would like to select a different type of shipping than is offered on-line.  Our office hours are Monday – Thursday, 8am-4pm EST at 919-787-6606.


Where can I find a list of events and locations where Anne will be speaking?
To stay  up to date about upcoming event and media appearances, please sign up for our quarterly newsletter via email on the Connect With Us page.

Are there future Just Give Me Jesus events planned, or when will you come to my city?
Currently we do not have another revival scheduled.  Because it is a two-year process, beginning with prayer and development of a team in the requested city, we are awaiting the Lord’s leading, guiding and directing in our schedule for the future.  The last Just Give Me Jesus revival in September 2012 was recorded in high-definition.  Those sessions are now available via DVD or CD here in our store.

Radio Programs:

Why does the Daily Light for Daily Living radio program have fewer spots per month than days in the month?
The Daily Light for Daily Living radio spots are a 5-day-a-week program.  The numbers on the program are not a reference to the date.  The program is offered Monday through Friday and weekends are not included.  You may listen to Daily Light for Daily Living  online here.

Where can I find Anne’s Living in the Light 30-minute radio program that is offered on Sunday mornings?
You can listen to the morning segments on the Living in the Light page here.  For a listing of radio stations that host Living in the Light, please click here.  Listen On Demand AnytimeClick Here

Sign Up – Free Resources:

Can you sign me up for Anne’s daily e-devotion and/or Newsletter?
To subscribe to Anne’s free daily e-devotion and/or quarterly Newsletter please go to our Connect with Us page.


How can I support AnGeL Ministries?
Our ministry belongs to the Lord, and we are committed to biblical stewardship of the resources He provides. All gifts are tax deductible. (Federal Tax ID # 56-1624795)

To donate by check, please click here to download our Donation Form and mail to: AnGeL Ministries, 5115 Hollyridge Drive, Raleigh, NC 27612 (or click HERE to donate online)


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