Rachel-Ruth’s Women’s Bible Study


Due to unforeseen circumstances, Tuesday’s Bible Study has been postponed. We will email you with a new re-start date.

We look forward to seeing you soon! 

  • We are grateful for your patience as we have postponed the restart of our Genesis Bible Study
  • We will meet Tuesdays at 12:30 PM (EST) virtually by ZOOM

Homework for when we next meet:

  • During our study next week, we will go over our homework from Genesis 37:23-28.
  • We use the 3-Question Method of studying the Bible. To learn how to use this method, Click Here .

Did you pray to receive Jesus during this study?

To let us know!

9-14-21: Genesis  25-26

Click here for the 9/14 Homework Sheet

9-21-21: Genesis  26-27

Click here for the 9/21 Homework Sheet

10-5-21: Genesis  29-30

Click here for the 10/5 Homework Sheet

10-12-21: Genesis  30-31

Click here for the 10/12 Homework Sheet

10-26-21: Genesis  32-33

Click here for the 10/26 Homework Sheet

11-2-21: Genesis  34-35

No Homework

11-16-21: Genesis  Wrap-Up

No Homework

The 3-Question Method:

During the discussion portion of the study, we will utilize the 3-Question Method of studying the Bible. To learn this method, Click Here

A Note from Rachel-Ruth:

If there was ever a time to be in God’s Word it is now!! I am so excited to have Bible Study starting back up! We are going to study Genesis this year! I love the Old Testament and I felt like the Lord led me to go back to the beginning . . . where it all started.  

I’m looking forward to all that God wants to teach us! I think we all need it and are hungry to hear from Him. Since we have to be online, let’s pray God gives wings to this Bible study to reach people all over the country and the world!

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