Prayer Initiatives

An Urgent Call to Prayer

July 2014 | Anne was given an assignment to call His people in our nation to prayer. In obedience, Anne blew the trumpet…sounded the alarm…issued a national prayer initiative.

A Call to Pray for Jerusalem

September 2014 | Anne invited all to pray and fast for 1 hour for all those living in His Land…and now we continue to pray for Jerusalem!

A Distress Call for Prayer

May 2015 | Anne asked Christians world-wide to pray one hour each day for 9 days, May 15-23.

Pray for Jerusalem

September 2015 | Anne recalled each one of us to continue to pray for Jerusalem! Keep Praying!

Preprayer for the New Year

January 2016 | Pray with me for one hour… as together we fast and Preprayer for the NEW YEAR.

Turn to Jesus: Calling Women to Pray

This call is for women across America to join together in claiming God’s promise as we meet the conditions. Join me as we pray with humility, unity, and sincerity…out of necessity.

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