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God Loves the World

July 25, 2022

For God so loved the world… John 3:16

Out of respect for those of you who have taken the time to comment about a statement I made eleven years ago regarding the World Economic Forum, I thought it would be beneficial to restate God’s call on my life. In 1988 He made it clear that I was to be His messenger, going wherever He sent me and giving out His Word to whomever He put before me.[1] Therefore, when I received the invitation in 2005 from Professor Klaus Schwab to attend the World Economic Forum as a world religious leader, I did what I do with all the invitations that come my way: I prayed.

By way of background information, the invitation from Professor Schwab was prompted by George Carey, who was at that time the Archbishop of Canterbury. He had heard me speak at the United Nations when I had presented the Gospel to the world religious leaders in the General Assembly.  Lord Carey urged me to attend WEF, as he was seeking to make an impact for the Gospel among the leaders who gathered there annually. I was not familiar with the WEF; but as I researched it, I was unsure I should accept. However, the organizers said if I came they would give me two opportunities to speak, with no restrictions on the content. At the time I was also on the Board of Trustees for Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, as was Chuck Colson. When I asked for Chuck’s advice regarding the invitation, he was visibly stunned that I had been invited, questioned me about the opportunity, then encouraged me to take it. He gave me his blessing and assured me of his prayers.

In obedience to what I believed was an assignment from the Lord, I accepted the invitation.

When I arrived in Zurich I was treated as a VIP. The privileged status gave me a private car and driver to take me to Davos, and thereafter, for any place I needed to go. I also was given access to the VIP entrance. During the WEF I was able to speak and lead two discussions; share the Gospel with those who stayed afterwards; entered into a discussion led by Lord Carey for the world religious leaders who had assembled; and had a private meeting with Elaine Chao, the US Secretary of Labor at her request, during which time I prayed with and for her. In addition, I was able to speak with and pray over the phone with Kofi Annan, the UN Secretary General at the time, as I conveyed to him my father’s personal greeting.

In 2011 I felt led to accept another invitation to WEF and the opportunity it afforded to share the Gospel with world leaders that may have never heard it. But this time my experience was different. I was not given VIP status. And while I felt the tension with some of the staff who sought to marginalize me, I distinctly remember one lovely woman on staff taking me aside to tell me how thrilled she was that I was there, and that she was praying for me. I took every opportunity of which I was aware to tell those with whom I came in contact that there is a God who loves them and who offers forgiveness and eternal life through faith in His Son, Jesus Christ.

I do not know if my attendance at the WEF made any difference to anyone there. But it did make a difference to me.  It made me much bolder and more confident as a witness in the years that followed. And it helped to underscore the truth that can become clouded by my emotions. And this is the truth:

God loves globalists as much as He loves nationalists.

God loves communists as much as He loves capitalists.

God loves Russians as much as He loves Ukrainians.

God loves Arabs as much as He loves Jews.

God loves Iranians as much as He loves Europeans.

God loves North Koreans as much as He loves South Koreans.

God loves Chinese as much as He loves Taiwanese.

And I could go on…

While God’s purpose is different for various people groups, and while He may hate the policies and sin of those in the above categories, He loves the people. Yes, He does!

May I ask you: What did you know about the World Economic Forum in 2006? In 2011?  My original impression was that many of the leaders who gathered sincerely wanted to make the world a better place. I was convinced that if they would turn to God, they could indeed make the world a better place.  However, in the last decade or so, either the WEF has taken an increasingly dark turn or the agenda that was hidden in the past is now being revealed more clearly as a result of the pandemic in 2020 and the worldwide lockdown that followed.  What I do know is that one day the Lord Jesus Christ will put down all rebellion against Himself. He then will set up His kingdom on this earth, bringing peace as He rules with justice and righteousness. Lest there be any doubt, our Lord God is King of the nations![2] As Rabbi Jonathan Cahn has stated, “God is on the throne and He’s not getting off!”[3] Ever!

So…am I sorry that I went to the World Economic Forum in 2006 and 2011? No. Instead I am grateful for the opportunity and the difference it made in me. For I am not ashamed of the Gospel, because it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes…[4] I am confident that God’s Word will not return void but will accomplish the purpose for which He sent it.[5]

Because even in its rebellious state, God truly does love the whole world!






[1] Jeremiah 1:4-9

[2] Jeremiah 10:7


[4] Romans 1:16

[5] Isaiah 55:11

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Turn Around

June 28, 2022

This day I call heaven and earth as witnesses against you that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life, so that you and your children may live…  Deuteronomy 30:19

Recently I drove my youngest granddaughter to the DMV where she was to take a test for a driver’s license permit. Since the DMV was located in a small town that was unfamiliar to me, I put the address in my GPS. About three quarters of the way there, I took a wrong turn. As soon as I did, the voice from my GPS told me to make a U-turn as soon as possible, which I did. I was able to get back on the right road and arrive at the right place at the right time. All because I was willing to turn around when I took a wrong turn.

As I have watched our nation over the last few years, I am convinced we have taken many wrong turns and therefore we are on the wrong road and going in the wrong direction. As a result we are imploding into chaos, corruption, confusion and in the end, we will crumble onto the ash heap of history. Unless we turn around, we will never reach our destination of abundant life, liberty, and true happiness for all.

On the morning of Friday, June 24, the Supreme Court took a significant step in leading our nation to turn around when it overturned Roe vs. Wade. Six courageous justices chose life.  I applaud their decision as a victorious first step for the well-being of our entire nation as we turn around from the federalized legalization of choosing death. Every farmer knows that life is in the seed. Human life is no different. Life begins at conception. Period.

I am also heartened that SCOTUS upheld religious liberty when the same six justices decided the right of a former high school football coach, Joe Kennedy, to publicly pray on the field after a game. It seems ludicrous to think that he had been fired for doing so. While I respect separation of church and state, I believe in many instances it has been misused and applied in a way never intended, as though it means separation of state and God. The danger is that if we, as a nation, separate from God, He will separate Himself from us.

So…are we as a nation beginning to turn around?

The Biblical Old Testament prophet Hosea called on his nation to, “Come, let us return to the Lord. He has torn us to pieces but He will heal us; He has injured us but He will bind up our wounds.”[1] God Himself echoed that call to turn around when He spoke through the prophet Joel, “Even now…return to Me with all your heart…”[2] Even now… when there is rioting in the streets, churches burned, Life Care Centers fire bombed, with fear, anger, hatred, and divisiveness replacing civil discourse…even now, Joel exhorts, “Rend your heart and not your garments. Return to the Lord your God, for He is gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and abounding in love, and He relents from sending calamity. Who knows? He may turn and have pity and leave behind a blessing.”[3] In other words, if we return to God, He will return to us.

Turning around is another way of defining what it means to repent. The first word Jesus spoke when He began His public ministry was, “Repent.”[4] Turn around. At Pentecost, when Peter was asked how a person could get right with God, he answered, “Repent.”[5] Turn around.

At a very dangerous, critical time when we are looking at food shortages that includes lack of baby formula, skyrocketing gas prices, record breaking inflation, rising violent crime, nuclear threats from our enemies, and other crises, God has promised: “If My people, who are called by My name, will humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn (turn around) from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land. Now my eyes will be open and My ears attentive to ”… their prayers.[6]

It’s time, America, to turn around! Beginning with you and me…






North Carolina’s Lieutenant Governor, Mark Robinson, shares a brief, personal, powerful testimony about choosing death…and life.

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Turn to Jesus – Pentecost Sunday Prayer

Pentecost Sunday June 5, 2022

“Could you not keep watch with Me for one hour?” (Jesus) asked…”Watch and pray so that you will not fall…”  Matthew 26:40-41

It feels as though our nation is spiraling out of control. While a heavy burden in my spirit has prompted me to re-issue this prayer call, the senseless killings all across our nation, highlighted by the tragedy in Uvalde, TX, seem to be visible evidence that we are in even more serious trouble then we were two years ago when I first asked you to pray with me.

The following prayer is one I will be using on Pentecost Sunday, on my knees, for one hour. I have revised and refreshed it for this year.

Thank you for joining me once again as together we pray…

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National Day of Prayer | May 5, 2022

May 5, 2022

While not perfect, our system of justice in the United States is the gold standard for the world. 

Regardless of your views on Roe vs. Wade, we should all be alarmed at the attack on the Supreme Court and the nine justices who preside there. On this evening of the National Day of Prayer, it’s time to petition the High Court of Heaven: 

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Praying for the Women in Ukraine

March 20, 2022 | Museum of the Bible | TRANSFORM Series

February 25, 2022

The king loved Esther more than all the other women, and she obtained grace and favor in his sight… Esther 2:17

As a result of the king’s love and favor, Esther was made queen. From her unique position God used her to intercede for His people, and they were saved from slaughter. 

This is a rallying cry for “Esthers” around the globe to intercede for God’s people who are under attack in Ukraine. To be honest, because of the almost non-stop attacks and suffering in my own family, I have sought to shield my heart from what is taking place in Eastern Europe. But no more. My heart is shattered. I well remember holding Just Give Me Jesus in Kyiv in 2005, which was attended by thousands of women. I can still hear their voices lifted in worship. I can still see their faces as they discovered how to hear God’s voice speaking to them through His word. I weep when I remember their uplifted white flags of surrender to the Lordship of Jesus.

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