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Fan the Flame

August 12, 2016

For this reason I remind you to fan into flame the gift of God… 2 Timothy 1:6

Three days before our God Speaking initiative came to a close, I spoke with a family friend whose wife died a few weeks after my husband, Danny, moved to our Father’s House. Our friend shared how difficult it was for him, after a hard day’s work, to go home to an empty house. While I know…I know… that grief is a journey we all have to travel for ourselves, I also know that God promises to walk with us. So I told him about God Speaking, suggested that he start with Day One, then forwarded the link to his phone. Two days later he texted to say what a difference listening to God’s Word had made in his evenings…and that he had shared God Speaking with his grown children so that they could all be “on the same page.”

The day before the conclusion of God Speaking, I visited a beloved friend who is suffering from a staph-infected hip replacement. She and her husband are facing multiple doctors’ appointments and life-altering decisions. So I shared God Speaking with them. Although my friend never complains, I encouraged her that instead of just lying on a bed of pain, how much better it would be to lie there and listen to God speak! She and her husband both agreed and gave me their cell phone. I pulled up the website so that they could easily access it for themselves and start listening with Day One. They were eager to begin.

GS.header.gfx(994x252)Many of you also have commented how blessed you were to know that you were part of a movement of tens of thousands of people all over the world who were listening each day to what God had to say. So putting your feedback together with my two experiences related above, God has seemed to whisper to my heart… What if you and I began looking for ways to fan the flame? Pass on God Speaking to others who may have missed it for one reason or another? Why couldn’t we gather our own groups so that we can listen together with our family—immediate and extended, our Sunday school class, our Bible study, our leadership circle, our entire church, our board of deacons and elders, our ministry team, the missionaries our church supports, our office staff. The possibilities seem exciting and endless!

As the circles that we gather get broader and more numerous, could it be that God’s Word will take off in a fresh outpouring of God’s Spirit? The August dates have been removed from the website, so that it will simply be an 8-day journey of listening to God’s Word. Who knows? Since it only takes a spark to get a fire going, maybe…just maybe…we will ignite the fire of revival! Let’s find out! Join me in fanning the flame!












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Read the Directions

July  30, 2016

This book of the law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate in it day and night, that you may observe to do according to all that is written in it. For then you will make you way prosperous, and then you will have good success. Joshua 1:8

One Christmas my husband, Danny, and I bought our then three-year-old daughter, Morrow, a red tricycle. I kept reminding Danny that he needed to put it together before Christmas morning, but he procrastinated until late Christmas Eve. When he pulled the pieces of the tricycle out of the box, he said that they looked simple enough. What could go wrong? He held up the handlebars, a seat, and three wheels with the comment that anybody could put them together.

When Danny finished putting the pieces together, the handlebars were crooked and each wheel went in a different direction. When he tried to take it apart to readjust everything, he couldn’t. The nuts and bolts held fast. With a sigh of frustration he looked back in the box. At the bottom was a white sheet of paper.

It was labeled in big, bold, black letters: Manufacturer’s Directions for Assembly, with the added note to read very carefully before assembling the tricycle.

The tricycle never did work the way it was designed to work.

Our lives are like the little red tricycle. They come with a “white sheet of paper”– the Creator’s Directions for Living that are found in the Bible. But many people don’t bother to read the directions until they have messed up their lives to the point that they simply don’t work the way they were designed to work.

This week, we have the unique opportunity to listen to God’s Word together for one hour each day during these first eight days of August. Don’t miss it. Join me at God It’s time for all of us to read the directions!






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What Can the Righteous Do?

July 25, 2016

When the foundations are being destroyed, what can the righteous do?  Psalm 11:3

It’s been said that the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. The encroaching evil in our land is almost breathtaking.  Heart-stopping. As it pours  into every nook and cranny of our culture, it is also going to be life-altering and life-shattering.

As I’ve read reports of shootings in Louisiana and Minnesota.…as I’ve shared the agony of a nation that is reeling from the cold-blooded, deliberate, pre-planned murder of police officers…as I’ve watched the eruption of anarchy in the streets…as I’ve wept with grief almost deeper than words but expressed by a silent scream in my heart…I’ve asked the Lord, What are we to do? Is there anything ordinary, good people can do?  As I waited in prayer, four things came to my mind:

First, we can pray.  Paul challenges us in Ephesians 6:18…With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying… It’s time for you and me to establish a  set-aside time of consistent, daily prayer.

Secondly, we need to pick up the sword of the Spirit which is the word of God, according to Ephesians 6:17.  This is a time to daily, consistently spend time in God’s Word, strengthening the foundation of our faith as we listen to what God has to say. But don’t just read it.  Apply it.  Obey it.  Live it out.

Thirdly, 2 Timothy 2:22-24 instructs us: pursue righteousness…  pursue the right thing, not necessarily the popular or the politically correct thing. Stand up for justice, truth, kindness and love…by our own example.

Fourthly, proclaim Jesus.  He explains in John 10:10:  The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full. Be ready at a moment’s notice to share the Gospel and give a reason for the Hope that is within you.

Please.  Don’t do nothing. Do something! Pray.  Pick up your sword. Pursue righteousness.  And proclaim Jesus until He comes.





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God is Speaking

July 7, 2016

…Blessed are those who hear it and take to heart what is written in it, because the time is near. Revelation 1:3

Do you long for revival?  Not a tent meeting.  Not a series of church meetings.

But an outpouring of God’s Spirit that results in God’s people waking up…to God!  I do!  And as I have prayerfully pondered what more I can do to work for revival, God has reminded me of what took place in the beginning.  Genesis 1 relates that God’s Spirit hovered over planet earth, preparing and energizing it to receive God’s Word.  Then every day God’s Word went forth, a change took place, until in the end God blessed it, said it was very good, and saw His own image reflected there in man whom He had created.

What has impressed me is that from the beginning, God has used the combination of the preparation of the Spirit, which in application for us is prayer, and His Word to bring about change.  For the last eighteen months, AnGeL Ministries has been calling people to prayer through various online initiatives such as 777: An Urgent Call to Prayer; Mayday! Mayday! A Distress Call for Prayer; and most recently, 111: PrePrayer for the New Year.  And this May my new book, The Daniel Prayer, was released, which not only challenges people to pray as Daniel did, but helps to lead them in prayer that moves Heaven and changes nations. Now, after all of this preparation of the Spirit, I would like to see what would happen if together we listened to the Word of God.

In the Old Testament book of 2 Chronicles, when King Josiah rediscovered God’s Word and read it to the people, revival was the result. In Nehemiah 8, when God’s people returned to Jerusalem following their years of captivity in Babylon, Ezra read God’s Word to the people, and revival was the result. In Acts 2, after ten days of prayer in the upper room, the Spirit fell at Pentecost, Peter preached the Word, and 3000 people were saved!

In these days of chaos and confusion, hopelessness and helplessness, what would happen if everyone hit life’s pause button and made the time to listen to what God has to say? I want to find out.

God Speaking Social Media Square (1200x1200)

So I am partnering with Faith Comes By Hearing in order to offer the audio of God’s Word in over 900 languages for one hour each day, for eight days, in the eighth month of August.

Please join me.  Help pass the word to your family, friends, church, and online community. Catch the vision. Let’s not just long for revival. Let’s ignite revival!

 God is speaking.  Will you listen?











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Battle for the Truth

May 23, 2016

…Fight the good fight, holding on to faith and a good conscience… 1 Timothy 1:18-19

In promoting The Daniel Prayer in multiple radio, TV, web and print interviews, I have urged people to pray as Daniel prayed so that Heaven is moved and our nation is changed.  I have felt an urgency to warn people that if we continue to abandon God and His moral principles, He will abandon us.  He will remove His hand of blessing and favor and protection, and give us over to ourselves.  The hope is that if we truly rend our hearts in repentance of sin and return to Him, He will return to us. My words have been twisted and spun, provoking outrage. 

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