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God’s Love Story – MP3 Download


HIStory is the story of God’s love for the human race. For you. It spans the breadth of time from The Beginning to The End. And it’s the love of God that will fill the empty recesses of your heart with joy and peace, fulfillment and satisfaction, purpose and meaning. It’s God’s love that makes life make sense. Discover God’s Love Story from Creation to the Cross to the Crown.

This new compilation of Anne’s messages includes two that have never before been published, along with one taken from her video Bible study series, God’s Story. As you listen to them, our prayer is that you will fall in love with the Creator who became your Savior and is the reigning, soon to return King.

• Message 1 – Creation: Genesis 1
• Message 2 – The Cross: John 18 & 19
• Message 3 – The Crown: Revelation 1

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