A Wake-Up Call for God’s People: MP3 Download

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A Wake-Up Call for God’s People: MP3 Download


Delivered on the night of the tenth anniversary of September 11th, Anne Graham Lotz and Joel Rosenberg sound the alarm for the Church to wake up, look up and make sure our hearts are right with God. In this two-part special edition, Joel shares biblical prophecy from Matthew 24 and Luke 21 and explains how current events point to Jesus’ return.  Anne gives a challenge from Isaiah 6:1-8 to respond as Isaiah did when he saw the Lord – repent of sin, return to the Cross and recommit our lives to serve and glorify Him. Listeners will be moved to refocus on Jesus as our only Hope for the future and live the rest of our lives with no regrets.

Downloadable MP3 Format. Music by Selah is not included on this album.


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