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A Trustworthy Messenger – CDs


A challenge to be powerfully effective messengers for God. Ezekiel 1, Revelation 2-3, Isaiah 1-6 and Ezekiel 2-3. CDs (4)

Have you ever prayed that God would use you in some way, to do something important for Him?  Are you a messenger God can trust?  A vessel He can use?

Find out what God is looking for in a messenger, as described in His Word.  Hear what you need to do in order to become someone He can trust, someone He considers worthy to play a role in bringing about His Kingdom.  Then boldly accept the challenge to go where He calls you, focused and equipped to serve Him in a powerful way.

• A Messenger God Uses – Ezekiel 1
• A Messenger God Can’t Use – Revelation 2-3
• A Messenger God Wants to Use – Isaiah 1-6
• A Messenger Who Stays on Message – Ezekiel 2-3

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