JESUS IN ME – Study Guide with Streaming

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JESUS IN ME – Study Guide with Streaming


In the Jesus In Me video-based Bible study (video streaming included) Anne provides a format for studying the Bible that will help you learn to listen for God’s voice, know Him in an intimate relationship, and communicate with Him through His Word.

Throughout the eight sessions, you and your group will discover why the Holy Spirit is an essential part of the Christian life and how he speaks directly to you through the pages of your Bible. Anne begins with a workshop and video instruction on an effective, 5-step approach to studying your Bible.

After that, you’ll apply the skills of asking and listening as you work through five Bible studies per week on selected Scriptures about the Holy Spirit. This video study guide has everything you need for both small group and individual use and includes:

  • * The study guide itself—with the workshop instruction, discussion and reflection questions, video notes, and a facilitator’s guide.
  • * An individual access code (found on the inside cover of each guide) to stream all eight video presentations online (you don’t need to buy a DVD!).


Sessions and run times: 

  1. Bible Study Workshop (49:00)
  2. Loving the Person of the Holy Spirit (18:00)
  3. Enjoying the Presence of the Holy Spirit (17:30)
  4. Relying on the Power of the Holy Spirit (17:00)
  5. Embracing the Purpose of the Holy Spirit (15:00)
  6. Living by the Precepts of the Holy Spirit (16:30)
  7. Reflecting on the Purity of the Holy Spirit (21:00)
  8. Trusting the Priority of the Holy Spirit (21:30)


Streaming video access code included. Access code subject to expiration after 12/31/2027. Code may be redeemed only by the recipient of this package. Code may not be transferred or sold separately from this package. Internet connection required.

Price: $15.00

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