Expecting to See Jesus – Paperback

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Expecting to See Jesus – Paperback


Expecting to See Jesus – the expanded edition of I Saw The LORD – is the result of Anne Graham Lotz’s life lived in the hope of Jesus’ return. As you journey with her through the pages of the Bible, you’ll come to realize why she lives her life expecting to see Jesus at any minute.

Anne knows from personal experience that it’s in the busyness of our days, as we’re drifting in comfortable complacency, that we most need a wake-up call – a jolt that pushes us to seek out a revival of our passion for Jesus that began as a blazing fire but somehow has died down to an ineffective glow.

And, she wants to make sure you and all other Christians are ready for that moment when your faith becomes sight.

In Expecting to See Jesus, Anne points out the biblical signs she sees in the world all around us and shows how you can experience an authentic, deeper, richer relationship with God in a life-changing, fire-blazing revival.

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