Expecting to See Jesus – Participant’s Guide

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Expecting to See Jesus – Participant’s Guide


This is the Participant’s Guide to be used along with the DVD** Bible study by the same name. In this nine-session expanded edition of I Saw The LORD, Anne guides small groups in seeing the Lord in a fresh way, so that each participant can have a genuine experience of personal, life-changing revival. Accompanied by Dr. Crawford Loritts and Dr. Henry Blackaby, and using key biblical characters as examples, they share the revival lessons learned through examination of their lives as recorded in Scripture. Includes a Bible study workshop where Anne demonstrates the 3 Question Method of studying God’s Word that she uses in her own personal quiet time.

The nine interactive sessions on the DVD** for which this workbook is a companion include:

1 Jesus Is Coming! Opening Message Matthew 24
2 Bible Study Workshop
3 You’re Sleeping Character Study of Josiah 2 Chronicles 3
4 Wake Up Character Study of Ezekiel Selected Passages
5 Open Your Eyes Character Study of Moses Exodus 33-34
6 Rend Your Heart Character Study of David 2 Samuel 12
7 Bend Your Knees Character Study of Ezra Ezra 7-9
8 Move Your Feet Character Study of Nehemiah Nehemiah 1,2
9 Just Say Yes! Character Study of Isaiah Isaiah 6:1-8


The Participant’s Guide works hand-in-hand with the DVD** Curriculum to make this a meaningful experience for small groups and church classes.


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