God’s Story: Discover the Foundation for Faith in God

What has been your attitude toward Genesis? Have you argued with its history? Have you scoffed at its science? Have you rejected its theology? Could it be you have missed one of the most obvious facets of this fascinating book, which is that it is God’s eyewitness account of Creation? It is history from God’s perspective, recorded in His own words. It is God’s Story.

The primary purpose of Genesis is to reveal God. Nowhere is God revealed as powerfully as He is in the first eleven chapters – unless it is in the Gospels through the person of Jesus of Nazareth. Yet Jesus did not “begin” in the Gospels at Bethlehem. He was already there in the beginning, before time and history began. Our minds explode and our hearts soar as we discover not only God the Father and God the Spirit but also God the Son in the very first verses of the Bible.

God’s Story will help you establish and strengthen a strong foundation of faith on which you can build your life.

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