Prison Revivals

AnGeL Ministries is now offering Anne’s Just Give Me Jesus revival program to women’s correctional facilities across the country via recorded DVD.

If you are a chaplain of a women’s correctional facility or know a chaplain who is interested in bringing Just Give Me Jesus to a correctional institution near you, please contact our office at 919-787-6606.

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In this troubled world, in these troubled times, and in our troubled lives, we believe that Jesus is the Answer. So for 13 years Anne Graham Lotz has held Just Give Me Jesus revivals in arenas all over this country and around the world. Tens of thousands of people have experienced personal revival as a result.  In these recordings, Anne will lead the viewers into the pages of God’s Word through these three powerful messages!

Session I – Jesus: Our Peace with God

  • Opening Worship (30 Min)
  • Anne Graham Lotz (60 Min)

Session II – Jesus: Our Hope for Tomorrow

  • Worship (11 Min)
  • Anne Graham Lotz (98 Min)

Session III – Jesus: Our Strength for Today

  • Worship (13 Min)
  • Anne Graham Lotz (63 Min)

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