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Welcome to the AnGeL Ministries Store. 

Here you will find all the resources developed by Anne Graham Lotz to help you grow in your relationship with God.  From Bible Studies to Books, from Daily Devotionals to Audio Messages and more, we pray these products will be a blessing to you and we appreciate your support of AnGeL Ministries.

Fixing My Eyes on Jesus image

Fixing My Eyes on Jesus (Product ID: 336)

Getting up early in the morning to fix my eyes on Jesus through prayer and reading His Word is like setting my spiritual compass. Because no matter what faces me during the day, or how "lost" and confused I can ... View Details

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Heaven: My Father's House - Revised image

Heaven: My Father's House - Revised (Product ID: 226R)

Combining the apostle John's glorious description of Heaven from Revelation with heart-touching reflections on her own father's charming mountain home, Anne Graham Lotz weaves a tapestry of truth that will take away your fear of death and fill ... View Details

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Is Jesus Worth It? - CD image

Is Jesus Worth It? - CD (Product ID: 338CD)

Do you ever ask yourself if living the Christian life is worth it?  Especially when you see non-Christians profiting from their sin, prospering in their greed, and relatively problem-free?  Anne answers that question with a resounding Yes!  Yes!  Yes!  If ... View Details

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Wounded by God's People image

Wounded by God's People (Product ID: 339)

For audio CD click here Tucked into Abraham's biography is the story of Hagar, a young Egyptian slave with whom Abraham had a son named Ishmael.  Hagar stood out because she was wounded---not physically, but in ways that were ... View Details

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