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Are you tired of reading about what God is saying to everyone else and wondering what it might be like to hear God speaking to you … personally?  Are you skeptical how the ancient texts of the Old and New Testaments could possibly apply to the issues relevant to your life in the 21st century?  Are you afraid of digging deeper into Bible study because you think you won’t understand it?  Then, this 52-week devotional from Anne Graham Lotz is for you.

Into the Word is a spiritual study guide that leads you straight to the heart of God’s Word.  In a refreshing departure from other Bible studies, Anne doesn’t explain what the passages of Scripture mean to her or offer support on what she feels God is trying to say through it.  Rather, she makes a modern day reflection that is a relevant springboard into the various passages, and then asks dozens of questions, prompting you to personally dig into Scripture and discover God’s specific message for yourself!

God’s Word is personal, powerful, and relevant … to you – emphasizing application with the aim to help you love Him more. You are invited …Into the Word.


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