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Is Jesus Worth It? – MP3 Download


Do you ever ask yourself if living the Christian life is worth it?  Especially when you see non-Christians profiting from their sin, prospering in their greed, and relatively problem-free?  Anne answers that question with a resounding Yes!  Yes!  Yes!  If for no other reason, because Jesus Christ is worth it!

Listen as Anne unpacks one of the most thrilling chapters in the Bible.  Revelation 5 describes an event that is still future to us.  In it the Apostle John gives his eyewitness account of Jesus Christ, getting up from His throne in Heaven, and claiming His right to rule the world!  As He does, the entire Universe rocks in praise of the One who alone is worthy, because He is unequaled, undisputed, and unrivaled throughout the Universe.

This message will encourage your faith and inspire you to press on to the finish.

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