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Get Ready! Jesus is coming… MP3 Download




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As the world keeps getting darker morally and spiritually, as rumors of wars increase, as nations rise against nations, as anger boils over in homes and on the streets, as our culture has gone so woke it denies the basic science of gender identity…and the list goes on followers of Jesus are on high alert. The signs of His imminent return are more and more obvious. It’s time to get ready to meet Him face to face!

These messages were recorded at The Billy Graham Training Center at The Cove and are more timely today than they were even then. Dino Kartsonakis has graciously given us his permission to include his concert as a bonus track.

Message 1 – Refocused… (Rev. 1:1-19) AGL

Message 2 – Preparing the Next Generation to Meet Jesus (Gen.48) RRW

Message 3 – Repentant… (Rev. 2-3) AGL

Message 4 – Ready! (Selected Scriptures) AGL

Concert – Dino Kartsonakis


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