Spring 2012

“. . . Angels came and attended Him.” –Matthew 4:11

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What an absolute joy it has been to use the promotional opportunities for the new children’s book, such as this book signing in Wilmington, North Carolina, to encourage little people to come to Jesus. Because Heaven is God’s promise for them, too! Picture taken by Lumina News, copyright February 2012.




There are times when we are so physically weary, so overloaded with responsibility, so pulled on by others, so sapped of emotional energy, so tapped out mentally, so attacked by the enemy, that we need to be ministered to ourselves.  Jesus found Himself in this situation following a forty-day period in the wilderness where He had been under constant pressure physically, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally.  God sent angels to minister to Him because without the supernatural strength from Heaven that they brought, He may not have been able at that time to begin His public ministry.

While I am not even close to the total state of exhaustion Jesus must have experienced at the end of His testing in the wilderness, I do know what it is like to desperately need a fresh touch from Heaven.  In a very tender, gentle way, God has sent His angels to minister to me.  The angels have come disguised as those of you who have taken the time within the past six months to write an email or a letter, post on Facebook, place a phone call, send in a gift…at just the moment I needed a word of encouragement or blessing.

daybreak-Colorado-b-colorBecause many children have questions about the death of a friend, a family member, a school mate or someone else, I have used media opportunities to encourage adults to use Heaven: God’s Promise for Me as a tool to talk to children about the hope we have of going Home! Picture taken with Angie Austin on Daybreak Colorado.
This AnGeL prays that the sweet ministry of the following angels will strengthen and encourage you.  In order to protect the identity of the writer, I have deleted names and places.  But I pray God will bless you with the very words He has used to uplift my spirit…

Through your sharing…there is a spirit of brokenness, revival, and hunger for God’s Word in our midst.  I will be a better pastor as a result of your being here.  The message you shared…was exactly what our church needed…one of the best times I have experienced in church.  You have made us a better church.      J. D.

When my sister was getting her last chemo treatment…because she had terminal lung cancer, I told my sister to close her eyes as I began to recount the story of how Anne proceeded on her journey up the mountain to visit her father.  I told her that Anne compared it to going to our heavenly Father’s home.  Little did I know when I had finished recounting the story, my sister had arrived in heaven.  B. B.

Your book, The Magnificent Obsession, has been very instrumental in helping me.  I always wanted a relationship with [God], but never knew how to achieve it.  I believe it has always been available, but when I started seeking him, really wanting to know him and putting him first, giving the time he deserves, that’s when my relationship started to change.  And I never want to go back.  L. K.

tent2-croppedOn a chilly, rainy day in Vero Beach, Florida, 2000 people gathered underneath a tent beside the Indian River for an early morning prayer breakfast. What a privilege it was for me to encourage those gathered to come into a personal, permanent relationship with God through faith in Jesus Christ.

I had bought [Heaven: God’s Promise for Me] thinking, “Well, he’s probably too young for it.” And God clearly spoke to my mind, “[Your son] is going to lose someone he loves. He’ll need this book.” It wasn’t a week later that my ex-husband’s father was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. [My son] loves him SO much!… The first night I read the book [he] wanted me to re-read it right away. Then later when he got in his tent to go to sleep I allowed him to take a book with him. He chose Heaven out of all his books. I tried taking the book away after he went to sleep, but he wouldn’t let it go! A. S.

The book I Saw the Lord (now titled Expecting to See Jesus) has truly revived my spirit.  I’ve had some personal things happen in 2011, along with losing my dad, that brought on major depression.  I read your book and something happened.  I do have a fresh new vision of the Lord….  Everyone has noticed the change, but most important I feel and see it.  This has just increased my faith tremendously.  I have also found out that God does speak to us thru his word.  Thanks for teaching me how to study God’s word.  S. L.

I have been and I still am dealing with trials and tribulations in my life.  I married someone who was my best friend, then experienced a life of horror…I decided to come out and thought wow it feels good to tell the truth.  Yes, it was great for a moment, but then I realized that the relationship that I was in was not accepted by God.  I love her but after hearing you speak the Word, I knew that even though I think I am following my heart, it wasn’t what God wanted nor accepted. What I think I want is not necessarily the truth, but it is the devil working.  Thank you for teaching me how to study my Bible and hear God!  I will and have given my WHOLE life to Jesus!  H. S.

Bell3My grandmother gave my mother a copy of Daily Light when she was 10 years old, living in China. My mother gave me a copy of Daily Light when I turned 10. I gave each of my own children a copy of Daily Light on their tenth birthdays. This year, as I looked on with tears in my eyes, the family tradition that has encouraged faith from one generation to the next was observed as my daugther gave my granddaughter, Ruth Bell, her copy of Daily Light on her tenth birthday!

Thank you for providing us with the”Wake-Up Call” video stream on September 11.  It was very well received…the central and south sanctuarys were filled.  The congregation was…fully engaged during the message and when you gave the invitation for repentance probably 99 percent of them stood, many of them with tears in their eyes. We had 19 people make decisions for Christ!  J. M.

Your…method of doing Bible Study…has changed my life and given me a deeper walk into His Word and ever nearer to our Lord.  It had taken me to the age of 72 for me to hear the Lord that I too can go into His Word and yes, He speaks to me.  His Word is relevant to us today and He inhabits His Word.  It is alive.  I am excited and feel a transformation in the Word to me!  E. G.

We witnessed the baptism of our long time family friend’s oldest daughter on Sunday….  [She] got up to share her testimony of her many struggles in the past years (she is 22) – and then said God has brought her back to the moment she was kneeling at the cross at Just Give Me Jesus…5 years ago!  I never knew she gave her heart to the Lord then – and here she is 5 years later – proclaiming Him as ruler over her life.  C. O.

Crawford-LorrittsDr. Crawford Loritts encouraged the pastors and church leaders who gathered at our Pastors’ Event during our Kickoff for Just Give Me Jesus/Augusta, powerfully challenging them to live Spirit-filled lives. He is an authentic man of God who not only demonstrates the truth he preaches, but shares our heartfelt vision for revival.

I just converted from being a Muslim to being a Christian.  I was asking God to help me to get to know Him better.  I went through the Internet and saw your conference.  I became a regular member of Anne’s website, because here in [my country] there are no real Christians.  I am getting better and better in His knowledge.  Your website has led me to the way of the Lord.  I’ve finally left Islam with full confidence.  ~ anonymous

I am a lady aged 23, from Zambia, Africa.  I am a Lawyer by profession.  My Goal is to be used as a vessel of the Lord Jesus Christ to bring the Light of the Lord Jesus back to Africa…The Vision of His Glory is the book Jesus Christ directed me to, and just the title helped me in my darkest hour.  The King of Kings, the Great I AM, the prince of peace, our Lord Jesus Christ, The Alpha and The Omega, wanted you to know….  M. M.

My cousin is serving a life sentence for robbery.  Knowing that [he] listens to Moody Radio, I wrote very specific instructions to him so that he could participate in Anne’s broadcast on 9-11.  His reflections on the evening are bringing tears to my eyes as I visualize inmates listening privately to their portable radios through headphones and then standing in response to the message because they want to become right with God from the inside out.  His own words follow: “I got to listen to Anne.  I told a couple friends about her coming on the radio and I could tell they were listening to her at the end cause I could see them standing up.  I was outside the dorm when she had everyone stand up to repent of sin where they were.  I could see my friend stand up by his rack through the window.”  D. T.

Please join me at The Cove this fall for Pursuing MORE of Jesus. Fernando Ortega will lead in worship, I will give practical instruction on how to read and study the Bible, plus share four inspirational messages from God’s Word, and you will be encouraged.

I am reading Expecting to See Jesus and embarking on my own personal revival…my very own wake-up call.  I am a grandmother whose heart is filled with concern over my grandchildren.  I want to share the gospel with my precious little ones, and I so appreciate being introduced to your children’s book, Heaven: God’s Promise for Me.  L. B.

Praise God!  These brief testimonies are evidence that, As the rain and the snow come down from heaven, and do not return to it without watering the earth and making it bud and flourish, so that it yields seed for the sower and bread for the eater, so is My word that goes out from My mouth: It will not return to Me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.  You will go out in joy and be led forth in peace…(Isaiah 55:9-12).  If you, too, find yourself mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually exhausted from not only family and ministry, but the responsibility of life itself, then be encouraged.  Your labor is not in vain.

For His glory,

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