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Alexandria Shooting: A Wake Up Call?

June 15, 2017

The light shines in the darkness…  John 1:5

Words fail to express my horror, outrage, and grief over the shooting that took place Wednesday morning in Washington, DC when a gunman opened fire on Republican congressmen practicing for a baseball game.  What has happened to our beloved nation of America?  I think I know  at least part of the answer–God is missing. Because we have told Him to get out of our culture, our government, our schools, our business, our marketplace.  Therefore He is slowly backing away, taking with Him His protection, peace, and blessing.  The impact of His gradual removal from our national life has never been as shocking to me as yesterday  morning.

If we do not return to God…if we do not get right with God…if He does not return to us, then yesterday morning is just one tragedy of many more to come.  But the Light shines in the darkness of hatred and violence and anger and evil.  Could it be that this shooting is so stunning it will wake us up? Could the hidden blessing be that people would say, “Enough is enough! We need You, O God of our Fathers!  Please return to us as we return to our faith in You.”

Which is why the following brief remarks given on the Senate floor by my dear friend Senator James Lankford are so powerful.  I want to share them with you:









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