Maundy Thursday: Holy Week Scripture Readings


Mark 14:12-17
John 13:1-5
John 13:12-14
John 14:1-6
John 15:1-5
John 15:18-20
John 16:5-7
John 17:1-5
John 18:1
Matthew 26:37-39
Luke 22:43-44
Matthew 26:45-50

This is Thursday.  If Wednesday was a time of rest in Bethany for Jesus, Thursday was the opposite. It was an intense time as the Cross drew nearer.  On Thursday, Jesus celebrated Passover, He taught His disciples, He prayed in Gethsemane, then allowed Himself to be betrayed by one of His own disciples and arrested by soldiers sent by the religious leaders. Let’s enter into Thursday.



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