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The Choices We Make

December 12

I have chosen the way of truth; Your judgments I have laid before me. - Psalm 119:30, NKJV

From the time we make the choice to open our eyes and get out of bed in the morning until we make the choice to go back to bed and close our eyes in the evening, our days are filled with a series of choices. We choose

where we go,

what we do,

what we believe,

and how we behave.

Our own lives, reputations, relationships, careers, health, future, and values are shaped by the choices we make. The choice

to lie or to tell the truth,

to seek vengeance or to forgive,

to ignore God or to acknowledge God,

determines the type of person we are. Without question, the most important choice you will ever make involves your attitude toward God and your relationship with Him.

From God's Story

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