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Love Him for Who He Is

September 8

As the bridegroom rejoices over the bride, so shall your God rejoice over you.
- Isaiah 62:5, NKJV

God loves for us to come to Him and ask Him for things. But I wonder what kind of relationship I would have had with my husband if I shared only about fifteen minutes a day with him and spent the first minute or two thanking him for what he had done for me and the rest of the time asking him to do something else for me! I doubt we would have had a very good relationship! My husband wanted me to love him simply for who he was. And Jesus Christ, Who is my heavenly Husband, also wants to be loved for Who He is. Not just for what He has done, or may do, but for Who He is in Himself. Would you make time each day to praise Jesus for Who He is? Read the Bible, gleaning His attributes that you might live your life in praise of Who He is.

From The Vision Of His Glory

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