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Nothing’s Too Small for God

May 5

The Lord is righteous in all His ways, gracious in all his works. - Psalm 145:17, NKJV

God created snowflakes, no two of which are alike. He created a sponge-like pad between the head of a woodpecker and its bill to absorb the shock when the bird strikes a tree. He created nerve cells that connect the human body to the brain like tiny telephone wires, with messages traveling along them up to three hundred miles per hour!

God is active in small ways in the universe, on our planet, in our bodies, and in our lives! What do you think is so small that it’s too small for God to notice?

A small tear?

A small hurt feeling?

A small insult?

A small sin?

A small worry?

Nothing is too small for the Creator’s attention and activity!

From God's Story

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