Spring 2021

“The precepts of the Lord are right, giving joy to the heart. The commands of the Lord are radiant, giving light to the eyes.”

—Psalm 19:8

We at AnGeL Ministries are praising God for the impact of our online Bible study, Jesus in Me, which was offered in partnership with FaithGateway. Over 150,000 people participated! The brief testimonies that follow are evidence that God’s Word brings light to our understanding and joy to our hearts…

• I am amazed how great Anne’s Bible Study method opens up the Word of God for me. I am seeing things that I’ve never seen before.  This has forever changed my Bible studying (KD)

• WOW & WOW!!! It gets wower each day and session!!! I am loving this Bible Study, and I am learning much wisdom. I always tried to read the Bible in a day…too much pressure & didn’t really capture revelation to the extent needed.  I really enjoy and find much more significance in breaking it down, a few verses each day, so I can meditate, as we are being shown & taught here. This is much more effective for me.…Taking it slowly but surely & loving it; I am so grateful!!! I want to prepare myself, so when I meet Jesus on THAT DAY/face-to-face, I will be prepared!!! THANK YOU!!! (JS)

• This study has helped me become not only more dedicated to study, but to understand how the Holy Spirit whispers to my spirit what He would have me to hear and learn in that scripture I’m reading. I’m sensing a more powerful application and conviction of God’s word by taking time to listen, work through, and apply every scripture I read…(DD)

• I grew up in a church with much the same emphasis as Anne in regard to the Holy Spirit. He was viewed more as a 3rd person. Not as important as God and Jesus. I never heard a lot of in-depth teaching on the Holy Spirit. I’m 77 and have been a follower of Christ most of those years. I’ve spent my life in missions, but this study is opening my eyes as never before to the invisible Jesus who lives in my life and I’m excited for all that is yet to come. Wow! It can’t get better than that! (CP)

• My life is completely different knowing the Holy Spirit is a living person inside me. (CC)

• I’ve felt a little lost the last few years and need to be obedient and return to reading my Bible.  At the close of the Bible study, the tears were flowing and I heard the small whisper of the Holy Spirit saying “I AM HERE”. (BG)

• I woke up discouraged and feeling very hopeless…I’m reminded that Jesus is there to help me, living inside me…Alive! There’s Hope because we serve an Almighty God Who loves us so tenderly. (N)

• I had a stroke two days ago and needless to say it scared me silly. My writing was completely impaired. Tonight as I am trying to pick up this study, I am reading John 14:25-27. When I could not read my own writing, I was reminded that the Holy Spirit knows and understands all that scribbling…. I’ve got the Holy Spirit by my side even when I’m sick. (B)

• I am thrilled…to hear the “whispers of the Holy Spirit.” I have been doing Bible studies for years, but this is really a blessing as an approach for studying. I especially like the questioning step. It is like adding Miracle Grow. The more I freely question, the deeper it goes. I think not restricting or limiting the questioning really makes a difference for me. (VH)

• I am so excited to know more in this study of God’s Holy Spirit and how I can truly hear him speak to me. I believe Jesus had Anne write this book for the brokenhearted women out there who need God’s holy, precious Word to speak to us. (RS)

• I love having the comfort and peace of knowing that the Holy Spirit is living in me, loves me, and guides me even when my focus may become blurred. He is always there to bring clarity! (JH)

• I realize that I have to unlearn what I did before. The discovery of reading, praying, and asking God is the way He is quieting my heart and mind as I enter His presence. No additional resources are needed: only God, His Word and me with my pen and notebook.(JD)

• I’m understanding more from the verses I read than I ever have before. Who knew I was starved and unaware of the food that was waiting for me. (C)

• Since this Bible Study started, I have noticed that my prayer life has improved a lot. I realize now that the Holy Spirit is working inside me to direct my prayers. I must admit my prayer life used to be in shambles, as I kept repeating myself and Satan did his best to discourage me from praying. Now, with the Holy Spirit guiding me, my prayer life is much better, and I can truly thank God for the gift of the Holy Spirit. (PM)

These are only a few of the testimonies we have received at AnGeL Ministries. I find them truly thrilling and very encouraging! If each person who participated in this study online turns around and offers it to others, or facilitates a Jesus in Me study group in church or at home, would God the Holy Spirit use it to spark revival in the hearts of His people? Please, Father God, let it be so.

For Your Glory.  Amen.

Anne Graham Lotz

If you were unable to participate in the online study offered by FaithGateway, it is still available through AnGeL Ministries by clicking here.

Steve Noble, a long-time friend of both my husband and myself, hosts a daily radio show, Called2Action, that has a broad outreach. While talking with him on air, he also set up his camera for a live Facebook event. He is energetic, a little edgy, and I always enjoy our discussions.

Dr. Brent Crowe is VP of Student Leadership University, Orlando, FL. He is partnering with Lifeway to produce a video Bible Study that will include interviews with influential evangelical leaders he believes will impact the next generation.  My daughter, Rachel-Ruth, and I were both privileged to be invited to participate in a video interview.

MCI, a church based in Bogota, Colombia, invited me to give two messages to their annual convention that draws over 100,000 people and is broadcast in five languages. I recorded the first message, which underscored the Gospel, from my office studio. The staff was able to put me in front of a stained glass backdrop. The second message, which was a call for God’s people to repent of sin, was given from my home in a more personal setting. Both messages concluded with a prayer for those who wanted to either commit, or recommit, their lives to Jesus.

Bible Study: God’s Word Is…

Read Psalm 119

Give phrases from the following verses for each of the statements below:

119:9-11; 119:105; 119:72; 119:11; 119:24; 119:9; 119:28; 119:47; 119:88; 119:103; 119:111; 119:127; 119:130; 119:143; 119:159; 119:162; 119:165



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Experiencing the Holy Spirit as a Constant Companion

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In Jesus in Me, Anne draws on her rich biblical knowledge as well as her personal story—including her recent cancer journey—to help us understand that the Holy Spirit is not a
magic genie, a flame of fire, or a vague feeling. He is a Person who prays for us, guides us in our relationships and decisions, comforts us in pain, and stays by our side at all times. In this simple, yet profound teaching, she explores seven key aspects of the Holy Spirit that will revolutionize how you understand and relate to this vital third Person of the Trinity.

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Jesus Is Praying for You

Like all of us, Anne has lived through a very challenging year. As she sought the Lord, His Spirit seemed to whisper to her from John 17. As a result, she developed three powerful messages based on what the Spirit seemed to be saying to her: Jesus Is Praying for You. She shared the messages in November at her annual seminar at The Billy Graham Training Center at The Cove, and AnGeL Ministries is offering them now for the first time. Added to this album is a fourth message given at that same seminar by Anne’s daughter, Rachel-Ruth Lotz Wright. Based on Esther, this message addresses the fear that is present in the world.  We believe all four messages are very timely and will be a blessing to you.

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