**This Prayer is adapted from The Daniel Prayer, Anne Graham Lotz, Zondervan Publishing House, Grand Rapids, MI, 2016


You do not have, because you do not ask God. JAMES 4:2

Great God of Creation.

God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

Living God of Daniel.

God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We worship You alone.

In the darkness, You are our Light.

In the storm, You are our Anchor.

In the face of terrorism, You are our Shield.

In time of war, You are our Peace.

In our weakness, You are our Strength.

In our grief, You are our Comfort.

In our despair, You are our Hope.

In our confusion, You are our Wisdom.


In times of uncertainty,

when buildings implode,

bombs explode,

stock markets slide,

people commit suicide,

banks collapse,

businesses are bankrupted,

and homes are foreclosed . . .

When the nations rage and the people imagine a vain thing . . .

When the rulers take a stand and gather together against the Lord . . .

When the earth beneath us breaks apart . . .

When the sky above us is torn by lightning and thunder . . .

When the air around us is a swirling dervish of violence . . .

When the mountains fall into the midst of the sea . . .

When the waters roar and foam . . .

When nations are in uproar and kingdoms fall . . .


When everything gives way,

You are the Rock on which we stand!


Save us from ourselves.

Free us from the chokehold of sin.

Protect us from our enemies.

Spare us from Your judgment.

We are pleading with You for an outpouring of Your Spirit on us, on our families, on our churches, and on our nation. Send down Your Spirit in Pentecostal fullness!

Captivate us by Your love! Rend our hearts with deep conviction and sorrow for our sin! Draw us back to the foot of the Cross. Plunge us beneath the fountain filled with His blood, then . . .

Revive our hearts!

Fill our hearts!

Ignite our hearts . . .

. . . with a pure and holy passion to love You and to live our lives for You and for Your glory alone!


Then use us to bring revival to the hearts of Your people!


We are asking You to saturate us in Your holiness,

purity, righteousness,

justice, power, mercy, grace, truth, and love.

Saturate us in Yourself, so that all may see You reflected in us.

We are asking You to revive the confidence of our faith and the authenticity of our personal relationship with You.

We are asking for one more great spiritual awakening before Jesus Christ returns to rapture the church and bring judgment on the world.

O Holy God, look on Your people who are called by Your Name. Hear our prayer. Listen to our pleas. Have mercy on us. Let the Fire of the Holy Spirit fall fresh on us!

You have promised that You will do whatever we ask in Jesus’ name. So please, answer us.

Answer us!

Answer us in JESUS’ name.

For the glory of Your Name.



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