“It’s amazing how the simple exercise of putting my focus on who God is helps put my prayer into perspective.” (The Daniel Key, Chapter 2)


We worship You, great God of creation.

You were in the beginning. You will be at the end. You always have been, and You always will be. You are the Creator who brings forth something out of nothing, who formed man from dust, who turns darkness into light, who makes the world turn, who sustains all things by Your powerful word.
We worship You alone. We set the needle of our compass on You . . . and You alone.

In the darkness, You are our Light.
In the storm, You are our Anchor.
In the face of terrorism, You are our Shield.
In time of war, You are our Peace.
In our weakness, You are our Strength.
In our grief, You are our Comfort.
In our despair, You are our Hope.
In our confusion, You are our Wisdom.
In times of uncertainty, when . . .
buildings implode, bombs explode, stock markets slide, people commit suicide, banks  collapse, businesses are bankrupted, and homes are foreclosed . . .
When the nations rage and the people imagine a vain thing . . .
When the rulers take a stand and gather together against the Lord . . .
When the earth gives way . . .
When the mountains fall into the midst of the sea . . .
When the waters roar and foam . . .
When nations are in uproar and kingdoms fall . . .
When everything gives way, You are the Rock on which we stand!
Help us keep the needle of our faith pointed to You.

For the glory of Your great name,


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