“Values that are worth living by are worth dying for.”  (The Daniel Key, Chapter 12)


Blessed Lord Jesus,

You are the pearl of great price. You are the summation of every value worth
knowing and keeping and living by and dying for. We would gladly sell all of
our treasure for the highest privilege of knowing You. We worship You as One who
got up from Heaven’s throne, took off Your glory robes, made Yourself nothing, took
on the form of a servant, humbled Yourself, and became obedient even to death. You
willingly flung Yourself into the “lions’ den” of Satanic activity, with the furnace
of hell’s fury heated seven times hotter, in order to be true to the purpose for which
You had been born. And the Father sent no angels to stay the hand of the executioners.
Instead, You were nailed to a Roman cross and hung out to die. You gave Your life for me.

How can I say thank You? Words are too small, too inadequate to express my gratitude. And so I choose to lay my life down for You, knowing that living for You may require more effort and discipline than dying for You.

Help me to be true to the values You taught and exemplified: humility, integrity, purity, sincerity, loyalty, charity, to name just a few. I want to be like You in all things.

For the glory of Your great name,


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