“While everyone’s life hung in the balance, Daniel asked his three friends to pray. They did pray, and it made all the difference.”  (The Daniel Key, Chapter 4)


Great High Priest,

We worship You as our Mediator, the One who ever lives to make intercession for us. You are our invisible Prayer Partner. What would or could we ever do without You?

You know our weakness. And You know the enemy’s strength. You know that in ourselves we can’t seem to achieve the breakthrough that we desperately desire.
Your answers seem elusive, as though there is a blockage in the heavenly realm. We need help.

I remember when You sent out Your disciples, You sent them out two by two, knowing they needed each other in physical, emotional, and spiritual ways as they served You. And You have commanded us to “pray for each other,” knowing that as we engage in spiritual warfare on our knees, we also need the strength, wisdom, insight, discernment, support, and encouragement that are uniquely available when we pray with a partner.

Please, would You now bring to my mind the name of someone whom I could partner with in prayer, someone to whom I could be an encouragement, and who could, in turn, encourage me? Prepare his or her heart to receive my offer, so that our partnership will make a difference as we
achieve spiritual breakthrough.

For the glory of Your great name,


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