“We don’t need to fight. Just take a stand on God’s Word and persevere in Prayer…” (The Daniel Key, Chapter 10)


Almighty Warrior, Lion of Judah, Captain of the Armies of Heaven,

You battled all the forces of hell and overcame! You disarmed Your enemies and
made a public spectacle of them as the entire universe roared in acclamation of the Lamb
of God, who is also the Lion of Judah.

Open my eyes to the invisible realm.
Tear away the veil of deception that the enemy has hung over my mind and my heart.

Show me that for every aspect of Your truth, Satan has a twisted counterfeit.

Give me discernment to detect . . .
his lies in contrast to Your truth,
his suggestions in contrast to Your commands,
his temptations in contrast to Your promises,
his destruction in contrast to your salvation,
his pleasures that are fleeting,
his plans that are failing,
his purposes that are futile,
And his position that is fraudulent.

Therefore, I choose to . . .
wrap myself in the Truth of Your Word so that my thoughts, decisions, and actions are in line with what You say. I will face the foe with nothing to protect my back because I am not turning around. I will not retreat. I will not back down. I will stand my ground, and having done all, I will keep standing firm.

For the glory of Your great name,


To download THE DANIEL KEY Devotional Study, CLICK HERE.

The Daniel Key: PRAY WITH ME – Perseverance from Anne Graham Lotz on Vimeo.

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