“God honors those who honor Him.” (The Daniel Key, Chapter 3)


God of Glory,

I worship You as a living person.  You are all- powerful and all- knowing. You are glorious. Majestic. Holy. You are seated on the throne of Heaven. The entire universe reverberates with praise of You. One day it will be my highest privilege and deepest joy to join in the throng of millions upon millions of people who bow before Your throne and to lift my voice in adoration of the One who alone is worthy of all praise and honor and glory and power and wisdom and wealth!

Thank You for the promise that on That Day, if I have acknowledged You before others, You will acknowledge me before the universe. Thank You for inviting me even now to enter into Your presence through prayer.

I ask that You give me a stronger conscious awareness of who You are than of who I am. Help me to care more about what You think and say than about the opinions of others. I choose to be loyal to You at any cost, knowing that on That Day whatever price I have paid will be worth it!

For the glory of Your great name,


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