“God’s voice is on a frequency that requires our ears to be tuned to hear it.”  (The Daniel Key, Chapter 8)


Our Father, who is in Heaven,

We worship You as the living God of Daniel. You set the heavens in place and
laid the foundations of the earth. In a world that changes and undulates like the
surface of the sea, You and Your Word are unshaken. You are the Creator who
spoke everything into existence through the power of Your Word. Your thoughts are as
high above our thoughts as the heavens are higher than the earth. Who could know
what’s on Your mind and in Your heart except that You choose to reveal Yourself
to us? And you have! You are Light. You have made Yourself visible and knowable
through the pages of our Bibles. And Your Word is our life. It is eternal; it stands
firm in the heavens. There is no shadow of turning with You. From age to age,
from generation to generation, You and Your Word do not change.

Please tune my spiritual ears to hear Your gentle whisper as I read my Bible. I’m listening. Quicken my heart at the sound of Your voice to recognize Your words as they leap off the page into my life. And then keep me, like Daniel, faithful in prayer to lay claim to what You have said.

For the glory of Your great name,


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