“Courage is the fruit of deeply held conviction.”  (The Daniel Key, Chapter 14)


Son of God and Son of Man,

We worship You as One who had all power and authority in the universe—One who was worshipped and adored—yet made the courageous choice to get up from Your throne, take off Your glory robes, and humble Yourself in order to take on human flesh, entering time and space as a baby. In You we behold the glory of God, full of grace and truth.

What courage it must have required to grow in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and man, yet be rejected by those You had come to save.

What courage it must have demanded to love those who were Your enemies, and in the end, submit to their cruelty.

But the choice that was the most courageous of all . . . the choice that’s beyond human comprehension . . . was Your choice to go to the Cross and stay on the Cross until in the end You refused to take another breath and gave Your life on the Cross as God’s sacrifice for sin.

Thank You for loving me when I was still a sinner and didn’t even know I needed You. Thank You for giving Your life for me.

Now it’s my turn. In gratitude, I choose courage as I give my life to You. Help me live courageously—and even confront when necessary—with dignity, nobility, clarity, and integrity as I stand firmly on the Foundation of Truth that will never be moved.

For the glory of Your great name,



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