“A daily prayer time is the rhythm of a spiritually healthy life.”  (The Daniel Key, Chapter 9)


Lover of my soul,

In this quiet hour, in this quiet place, I long to draw near. I long to be with You.
Alone. To glimpse Your glory. To have a fresh revelation of who You are. I yearn for
the day when my faith becomes sight and I see Your face. Until that day comes, draw
me nearer to Your heart by Your Spirit.

Thank You for the hard lessons You have taught me when I’ve skipped time
alone with You and found I was therefore not ready to meet the challenges or take
the opportunities of the day. I confess my arrogance and ignorance that allow
me to think anything or anyone is more important than spending set- aside time
with You. I am sorry when I neglect our time or show up late for it. I’m
embarrassed to acknowledge that, while You don’t make me wait in line for the
privilege of approaching Your throne, at times I have made You wait in line to be
with me! I choose to make the time to draw aside with You on a regular basis with a
heart of gratitude that You have made the time to draw aside with me.

From this day forward, I make the choice to meet with You every day at
________[a.m. or p.m.], for _________ [length of time]. My spirit is on the tiptoes
of expectancy to discover the joy, the richness, the strength, the confidence, the
assurance, the peace, and the knowledge that come from meeting with You on a
daily basis!

For the glory of Your great name,


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