Prayer: I Look to You

Man of Sorrows,[1]

As I watch and read the news coverage coming out of the Gulf Coast, my anguish is deeper than words. My tears seem to flow in a torrent that matches the record rainfall. My spirit is crying out, “No. No! No!” How can this be? How can You allow Hurricane Harvey to sit over Texas? To slam into Louisiana? To ruin property and destroy lives? Why?

I will stand at my watch and look to see how You will answer me.[2] In the silence, I seem to hear Your soft whisper echoing what You have said to me at critical times before: when my son was diagnosed with life-threatening cancer. When I found my husband unresponsive in our pool.  When unwanted, unplanned, unexpected, and unexplained crises have erupted, Your answer seems to be the same…Trust Me when you don’t understand.

As I reflect on the One whom I am asked to trust, my soul finds rest. You are my Great High Priest who understands.[3] You are well acquainted with grief.[4]  Suffering.  You understand by personal experience what it feels like to leave Home and be stripped of everything.[5] You, too, were homeless with nowhere to lay Your head.[6]

So please.  Look on all those in the Gulf region who are now homeless, too. Stripped of everything. Please.  Draw near to them. As they become more focused on the reality of their stark situation, I ask You to balance their feelings of devastation and loss with the comfort of Your presence. Your peace. Your love.

Thank You for every single one of the first responders…the professionals as well as friends and neighbors who are risking their own safety to help others. Give them supernatural strength. Energy.  Stamina. And deep satisfaction as they receive the rich, priceless blessing of knowing their efforts are life-saving and life-changing.

O God, You have been our help in ages past. You are our hope for years to come.  And You alone are our shelter from this stormy blast. Our refuge and our strength.[7] You are our Good Shepherd who will lead us safely through this Valley of the Shadow that has fallen over a weary land.[8]

So…wipe the tears from our eyes. Turn our faces to Yours. Cause us to choose to look up.  To look to You.  With trust.

In the name of the One who has said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you. So we may say with confidence, ‘The Lord is my helper; I will not be afraid…’”[9]

In the name of Jesus.


Please pray with us and post your prayer below in comments.

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