Fall 2016

“Then the Lord spoke to Job out of the storm.”  — Job 40:6


Five days before The Daniel Prayer was released, it was announced that I would take Shirley Dobson’s place as the Chair of The National Day of Prayer Task Force. While this had not been pre-planned by any human agent, it underscored that God is the Master of Perfect Timing! And it was drastic confirmation that He is indeed calling me, and His people, to pray with a fresh intensity during these tumultuous days of national storms.

Storms are rocking our world!  Environmental storms that include earthquakes, floods, and forest fires; political storms such as Brexit or our own national, state and local elections; racial storms that boil over onto city streets and destroy peace; financial storms bringing despair with 94 million people out of work in America; medical storms as millions of people are enslaved by prescription drugs and heroin; international storms as Europe is invaded by refugees, conflict continues to rage in the Middle East, China builds up its military presence in the China Sea, and North Korea successfully launches long-range missiles. Each and every storm is not only life-threatening, but historically and potentially redefining a new normal. The storms are stunning in their number, in their scope, and in their powerful intensity!


What a privilege it was in July to call the 1300 people who gathered for the Family Leadership Summit in Des Moines to pray as Daniel prayed. And it was a personal blessing to reconnect with four ordinary women whom God used in an extraordinary way to “just give Iowa Jesus” – filling the Wells Fargo Arena for our revival in 2008. (left to right: Lou Gray, Linda Osterhout, Judy Lauterbach and Sherry Griggs)

It’s time for you and me to take a deep breath, quiet our hearts, look up, and listen to what God has to say!  Job reminds us that God speaks through storms!

Job was an Old Testament man who experienced devastating storms in his own life that included the total loss of his property, family, health, and reputation.  The storms threatened to unravel his faith and his relationship with God.  And then God spoke to Job out of the storm.  Through His Word, He revealed Himself to Job.  He reminded Job of His power.  Of His sovereignty.  Of His absolute authority over everything and everyone.  Job’s response was to bow in worship as he accepted the storms God had allowed in his life… because of who God is.


In April I spoke to those gathered during a rain and snow storm on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC, calling them to repent of their sin. Was God using the wretched weather to test the seriousness of our humility, prayer, and repentance as we sought His face on behalf of our nation? While I don’t know the answer to that question, I do know God spoke in that storm.

Ezekiel was another Old Testament man who had been taken captive in Judah, then transported 800 miles east to Babylon.  While Daniel and others in his group were taken into the king’s palace where they were put into service, Ezekiel was discarded.  He wound up in a refugee camp, sitting on a garbage dump beside a dirty irrigation canal.  As he gazed into the distance, he saw “a windstorm coming out of the north…an immense cloud with flashing lightning….”1  Spread out above the storm was a crystal platform, and on the platform was a throne of sapphire, and on the throne was the figure of the Son of Man.  Then the Man spoke to Ezekiel from the storm, and Ezekiel listened.  He found a new sense of purpose as his life was redirected into giving God’s Word to God’s people.


Rich Bott became a dear friend when I joined the National Religious Broadcasters delegation to Israel in 2014. What a thrilling surprise and absolute blessing to learn that Living in the Light now airs every Saturday morning on the Bott Radio Network that includes 95 stations.

The disciples of Jesus also found themselves in a storm on the Sea of Galilee.  Jesus saw them struggling and so He came to them in the storm.  But they were terrified!  So He spoke to them from the storm, Take courage!  It is I.  Don’t be afraid.  His Word and His presence then brought peace.

Storms are an ideal time to listen to the Word of God.  Because it’s through God’s Word that we refocus on who God is, finding comfort, peace, wisdom, security, purpose, strength, and hope.

As storms break out in our world…as storms break out in your world…double down on your commitment to read your Bible.  Every day.  Because God speaks out of the storms.  Don’t miss what He has to say by getting caught up in the whirlwind of fear, panic, frustration, or anger.  Instead.  Center down.  Listen…with your eyes on the pages of your Bible.

For His glory,

Anne Graham Lotz

Ezekiel 1:4

god-speaking“Awesome 8 days. GOD is speaking in every area of my life. If your goal was a revival, as far as I’m concerned you succeeded in a great big beautiful way!” – T

“What a life changing time these precious 8 days have been. It was as if I was personally walking through the Bible – there at every scene. Reading and listening was amazing. As a Christian of 27 years it feels as if I have started my walk afresh. If that isn’t enough I then opened my book ‘The Daniel Prayer’ and it was at page 131 that I started! SO, I wrote down my sins, added, subtracted three times and then prayed as instructed and today I feel completely different – a sense of peace I have missed for a long time.”  – N

“Thank you so much for your tireless efforts to make God Speaking such a huge success! Stories from the Old Testament and the words of Christ in the New Testament have been absolutely riveting!” – L

“I am from Malaysia and I must thank you for God Speaking. I am still listening to the broadcast and was so inspired (Praise our Great God) that I started a weekly reading of Genesis with my aging mother (94) who reads from her Chinese Bible!! The Lord has kept His Promise to me to bless me when I devote my time to listening. When I heard that you are convinced our Lord Jesus Christ will return in your lifetime, I was very pumped to the point of being rapture ready daily. As a result, I always take the chance to share the Gospel in my community. Psalm 121″ – A

“I can’t begin to thank you enough for inviting me and so many others to receive the special eight-day gift of God Speaking.  I knew it would be good but it was so powerful as His Word took hold of my heart in every verse.”  – H


The Daniel Prayer

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Changed my life!  Practicing the principles daily right now and have given each Board Member of a ministry a copy! — R.

Thank you, Mrs. Lotz, for your testimony of personal struggle with prayer, (that speaks to) those of us who also struggle. — M.

I’ve read your book The Daniel Prayer and reading it again. Very powerful and in-depth teachings on prayer…the best book by far, that I’ve ever read on prayer! Savoring every word! — R.

One of the ladies at a retirement center shared that she’d read an excerpt from Anne’s book, The Daniel Prayer, and wept.  She said she felt God telling her to start a prayer group at the retirement center.  She is 90 years old! — E.

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