Worthy To Rule Your World

One day thousands upon thousands will gather before the throne of God and proclaim Jesus Christ as the only One worthy to rule the world…to receive glory and honor and power…forever and ever!  And as that scene unfolds in Heaven, on earth “every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father.”  He IS worthy to rule your world!

Read Revelation 4

I.  HE IS ENTHRONED IN POWER  Revelation 4:1-2

  • Who was seated on the throne? 4:2; 5:1; Hebrews 12:2.
  • Who actually saw and recorded this scene in Heaven? 4:1, 1:1-2, 5:1.
  • Describe John’s circumstances when he saw this. 1:9.
  • Who else saw a similar scene, and what was the circumstance of each? Isaiah 6:1 with John 12:41; Ezekiel 1:1-5, 22, 26; Acts 7:54-60.
  • If you are going through an extremely difficult time, how does this encourage you?

II.  HE IS ENCIRCLED IN PROOF  Revelation 4:3-8

Proof of His Mercy

Proof of His Authority

Proof of His Activity

  • What words imply activity around the Throne? 4:5.
  • Read 2 Samuel 22. Underline all the verbs, and give verse numbers, that imply the activity of God.
  • Since God cannot be less than Himself, and He is active, how does this encourage you when you pray?

Proof of His Purity

III.  HE IS ENVELOPED IN PRAISE  Revelation 4:9-11

  • Where did the praise in the Throne Room of Heaven originate? 4:6 with 5:8-10.
  • Who are these living creatures? Genesis 3:24; Ezekiel 1:4-14; Psalm 103:19-20.
  • How often did the four living creatures praise Jesus? 4:8.
  • How is it possible to work and worship at the same time? Explain.
  • Who began praising Jesus when they heard the four living creatures praise Him? 4:9-11.
  • How did the praise become contagious? 5:11-12.
  • How far-reaching was the praise? 5:13.
  • What has interrupted, or even silenced, your praise?
  • What was the ultimate act of praise described in v.10?
  • Relate this act to yourself. 1 Corinthians 3:10-15.
  • What crowns are available to a believer to lay at His feet? Philippians 4:1; 1 Thessalonians 2:19; 2 Timothy 4:8; James 1:12; 1 Peter 5:4; Revelation 2:10.
  • How is it possible to be saved and get into Heaven, but without a crown? 1 Corinthians 3:15; Revelation 3:11.
  • What crowns will you have to lay at His nail-pierced feet? What do you need to do today, or to start doing, so that you will not be bare-headed on that day?

While one day Jesus will rule the world, He is the only One who is worthy and able to rule your world today.  How accurately does your life reflect His rulership now?  Does He rule on the throne of your heart in power?  Is He encircled with proof of His mercy, authority, activity, and purity in the way you live your life?  And while you pour yourself into His work, is He enveloped in praise, 24/7?

This Bible study was prepared especially for the Spring 2013 Newsletter.  

Download the PDF of this Bible study here to print or email.

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