Learning to Hear His Voice

Believing that God speaks to the individual through His Word, Anne has designed the 3-Question Bible Study Method to lead people of all ages through a series of questions that can be applied to any Scripture passage.  Following this method enables any reader of scripture to hear God speaking personally through His Word as he or she discovers the eternal truths revealed by God!

To prepare – let’s pray:

Father . . . we want to learn how we can read our Bibles to hear You speaking to us personally through the pages . . . that our Bible reading would never be the same again . . . that it would be a part of our vibrant communication with You where we hear what You have to say to us through our Bibles.

Part 1: How to Study Your Bible

Part 2: Interactive Workshop

In October, we began a women’s Bible study in our congregation. The Lord led me to use your 3-question Bible study plan. We have approximately 15-20 women each week, and we’re all being totally blessed beyond words! It’s been my joy to see the women growing in the Lord and also in their hunger and desire to search the Scriptures looking for facts, spiritual insights and personal applications. And, of course, He begins each week as I study to teach me first! THANK YOU, ANNE!!  In His Amazing Grace and Enduring Love and Gratitude. — Annette I.

This is a simple, yet effective method to Bible study. I love this, because anyone can gather, learn, & apply, no matter how new or seasoned in God’s Word. ❤️ — Kathy M.

I learned this method of bible study at The Cove many years ago and still use it….it is amazing how you hear Him when you read His Word and listen for Him to speak!!! — Vickie Y.

Part 3: Suggestions for Study

  • Set aside a regular place for your Bible study.
  • Set aside a regular time for your Bible study.
  • Pray before beginning the day’s assignment, asking God to speak to you through His Word.
  • Write out your answers for each step of the worksheet in sequence – do not skip a step.
  • Make the time to be still and listen, reflecting thoughtfully on your response in that final step to live it out.

Part 4: Resources for 3-Question Bible Study Method

These resources are designed to help you as you continue a lifelong process of learning to listen to God as He speaks to you through His Word and of learning to obey God as an expression of your love for Him.
(John 14:23)​

Directions for the “3-Question” Method

Bible Study Sample Worksheet

Blank Worksheet for 3-Question Method

To practice and apply what you have learned through this Bible Study Workshop, please click
here to find our free Bible Study on the Gospel of John.

Available Bible Study Resources:

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