The Time Is Now

Read Joel 1-2 

I.  TIME TO WAKE UP   1:1-12

  • Who is speaking?  1:1
  • What disaster is described?  Give the phrases that indicate the disaster affected the people environmentally; socially; financially; nationally; religiously; and agriculturally.
  • Name one disaster we have experienced recently for each of the above categories.
  • What disaster are you experiencing in your personal world?
  • How are you responding?  With anger?  Self-pity?  Complaining?  Or _________ (you fill in the blank).

II.  TIME TO CRY OUT   1:13-20

  • What is God’s purpose in allowing the disaster to take place according to Joel 1:13-14?  1:19?  2:12-14?
  • Do you think the disasters striking our world could have the same purpose today?
  • How did Joel urge his people to respond to the disaster and its broad impact?  Give phrases from Joel 2:12-17.
  • What hope is given to those who “wake-up” and “cry out”?  Give the phrases from Joel 2:18-27; 2 Chronicles 7:13-14; Hosea 14:1-2.
  • How do the following verses encourage you now to embrace the hope that God promises? Ephesians 5:14; Romans 13:11; Isaiah 60:1-2; 1 Peter 1:13.

Would you choose now to embrace the hope that God promises by waking up and crying out?

This Bible study was originally printed in our Winter 2012 newsletter.

Download the PDF of this Bible study here to print or email

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