Stones Of Remembrance

After wandering in the wilderness for forty years, the Israelites experienced the power of God to roll back the waters of the Jordan River enabling them to cross over and take possession of the Promised Land.

Read Joshua 3 and 4


  • What were the stones of remembrance and where did they come from? 4:2-3, 5, 8
  • Why did God say they were to be collected and carried to the river bank? 4:6-7
  • What literal objects could you place in your home or office that would serve as reminders to you of your personal experiences of God’s power?
  • What are some other practical ways you can remember what God has done for you in order to cultivate and maintain an attitude of gratitude?
  • From the following passages, describe other visuals God gave His people and what each represented: Genesis 9:12-16; Exodus 12:1-13; Matthew 26:26-29; John 20:24-29

II. THE LIVING STONES  Joshua 4:10-18

  • What was necessary before the Israelites could experience God’s power? 4:10
  • What was the living proof of God’s power?4:11
  • What do you think the crossing of the Jordan symbolizes in the Christian life?
  • Did the Israelites believe their experience of God’s power meant their lives would be easy from then on? Give a verse to prove your point.
  • What is significant in v.18? How would this affect the Israelites?
  • Who are the living stones today? 1 Peter 2:4-5; Ephesians 2:19-22


  • What did the stones mean? 4:22-24
  • What were the Israelites to do with the memories of their experiences of God’s power? 4:6-7, 22
  • When others look at your life, do they demand an explanation for what they see? What explanation do you give them?
  • What testimony are you leaving behind for your children/grandchildren and how will you be sure they get it?
  • What are at least two reasons for us to give verbal testimony to what God has done for us? 4:24; Luke 1:1-4; John 4:28-42; John 20:30-31; 1 John 1:1-4
  • How do nine of the ten lepers in Luke 17:11-19 illustrate only living stones, but not lasting stones? How does the one leper illustrate both a living stone and a lasting stone?

During our Lord’s triumphant entry into Jerusalem, He proclaimed that if those who love Him did not praise Him, the stones would cry out! Don’t leave it to the stones! On the twentieth anniversary of AnGeL Ministries, would you rejoice with us as we give Jesus all the glory for the great things He has taught us and the great things He has done?

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