The Incarnation Of God’s Word

Read John 1:1  

  • Give the phrase that reveals God’s Word is eternal. What does this mean to you?
  • How does this verse reveal that God’s Word is separate, yet equal to God?
  • What in this verse indicates that the Word of God is more than a language of nouns and pronouns coming out of the mouth of God?  How is this confirmed by Revelation 19:13?
  • Write out John 1:14 in your own words.
  • Based on these verses, can you think of any reason at all not to trust God’s Word, both written and living?
  • Who will help you set your spiritual compass, if you ask? John 16:12-14

This Bible study was prepared especially for the Winter 2013 Newsletter.

Download the PDF of this Bible study here to print or email.

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