Spring 2013

“‘I saw a mighty angel proclaiming in a loud voice,
…’Worthy is the Lamb who was slain….'” — Revelation 5:2, 12

Childrens-Workshop-edited-colorFollowing my Bible study workshop for 2300 women in Hickory, NC, my daughter, Rachel-Ruth Wright, led ten brave children in a Bible study on stage using the same Scripture the women had just studied! Each child was given a Bible, which they read verse by verse, discussing what it meant in their own lives. It was thrilling to hear their insights, and to see their joy as they realized Heaven is being prepared for them!
The angel was loudly proclaiming that Jesus Christ is worth whatever the cost or sacrifice necessary in order to follow Him as a disciple in a life of obedient faith.  That has caused me to reflect…

Is it worth it to get up on Sunday morning, go to Sunday school and church, when you were out late Saturday night, and you’re tired?

Is it worth it every morning to get up 30 minutes earlier than your schedule requires in order to pray and read your Bible when you really want to sleep to the last minute?

Is it worth it to share the Gospel with your friend, and lose the friendship?

Is it worth it to fill out your income tax statement honestly, and pay more taxes?

Is it worth it to tell the truth, when lying would get you a promotion, or a salary increase?

Is it worth it to get involved with the homeless, the hopeless, or the helpless, in Jesus’ Name and for His sake, and risk hostility and rejection?

Is it worth it to deny yourself, take up your Cross daily, and follow Christ, when no one else in your church seems to take their faith that seriously?

Is it worth it to live your life in obedience to God’s Word, surrendered to God’s will, walking in God’s way, when the entire world seems to be going in the opposite direction?

Is it worth it to live a godly life, and become a member of the minority?

Is it worth it?

This AnGeL proclaims in a loud voice, Yes!  YES!  YES!  Why?  Because Jesus is worth it!

Pacific Northwest is so secular it is considered Seattle-Pastors-3-13
to be spiritually dead. But thousands of people turned out to hear me deliver God’s Word in Seattle on the evening of March 7, while hundreds of pastors and ministry leaders gathered on March 8 for an all-day summit. At the conclusion of my three messages and one workshop, I challenged those present to claim the key to revival by repenting of sin. Hundreds tearfully responded! We pray that another Great Awakening has begun!

As we draw nearer to the end of human history, the spirit of anti-Christ in the world can oppress our spirits, deeply discouraging us to the extreme point of deep despair and hopelessness.  Have you felt the oppression?  I have.  And so I pulled out one of my favorite books of the Bible, Revelation, that was written to give Hope to the hopeless.  I read it along with the first book I ever wrote, The Vision of His Glory, which was based on John’s eyewitness account of the future.  One of the stories I share towards the end of the book is that of an African pastor.  When his church was cut off from the rest of the world during a bloody civil war, he wrote a Christmas letter by candlelight to the leaders of his denomination, and expressed the hope in his heart:  “My candle is soon to go out, but the sun is rising.  And who needs a candle when you have the Son?”

Sometimes, if we’re honest, we can feel our “candle is soon to go out.”  We can get discouraged to the point of despair.  When that happens, we need to refocus on the Son.

The following is an excerpt from The Vision of His Glory that I pray will help you, as it has me and many others, to be reignited in your hope:1

“What has caused you to feel the candle of hope in your life is soon to go out?  Bloody civil war in your home?  Your marriage?  Your business?  Is the source of your hopelessness nothing you can really pinpoint, other than just a general feeling of depression, disillusionment, discouragement, distress, or defeat?  Are you convinced Jesus Christ will reign in the world at some future time, but you don’t know what difference that makes in your life today?

Fixing-My-Eyes-on-Jesus-Arrival-Dec--2012-(2)All of us at AnGeL Ministries are thrilled when we have new resources, such as Fixing My Eyes on Jesus. Although they mean extra work receiving, processing, then placing in our inventory, they also mean we have one more way of getting people into God’s Word.

“The Bible concludes with a challenge to experience the difference that hope does make today.  We are challenged not to place our hope in the things of this world, but to keep our focus on the Rising Son in every aspect of our lives.

“In the Old Testament, for approximately 14 years after David was anointed by God as king over God’s people, he did not sit on the throne.  His enemy, Saul, was in power, and during that time, Saul desperately did all he  could to destroy David and those who were loyal to him.

“Four hundred men, from all walks of life, became terrified of Saul.  To them, he seemed invincible in his power and immovable from his position of authority.  They became discontented, distressed and discouraged in their daily life.  Their candle of hope went out.

“Then they heard about David.  They heard that he was God’s anointed king.  They heard that one day he would rule from the throne in Jerusalem.  They heard of his victory over Goliath and the Philistine army, and of his repeated skirmishes with Saul and other enemies.  They heard he was a courageous, compassionate leader who was undefeated in battle.  So these 400 men forsook everything, and put all their hope in David:  ‘All those who were in distress or in debt or discontented gathered around him, and he became their leader.’  (1 Samuel 22:2)

“David, as a king in exile, became a rallying point for God’s people.  His leadership in their lives, even before he ruled from the throne in Jerusalem, radically changed their perspective of the present as well as of the future.  It gave them hope!

“The 400 men, who lived for him and fought for him and placed all their hope in him, became David’s Mighty Men.  And when he was crowned King of Israel, they reigned with him!

“In one sense, the Lord Jesus Christ is God’s anointed King in exile!  The enemies of Satan, self, and sin reign supreme on His earthly throne of authority.  Often these ‘kings’ seem to be invincible in their power and immovable in their position, causing our candle of hope to flicker and falter.

Governor and Mrs. Mike Pence graciously welcomed my daughter, Morrow, and me to Indianapolis on Tuesday, April 2, when we arrived for Just Give Me Jesus. Although it has been customary in other countries for me to be greeted by government dignitaries, this is the first time a United States Governor has welcomed me during revival week. As a result, our entire team was encouraged and uplifted.

“But we have heard of the King!  We have heard of God’s anointed!  We have heard of His courageous and compassionate leadership!  We have heard of His amazing exploits, and His victories in battle!  Our candle of hope had almost gone out, ‘but the sun is rising. And who needs a candle when you have the Son?’

“The King’s rallying cry to His people challenges us to place all our hope in Him!  Make Him your priority!  Give Him your loyalty!  Fan the flame of your love for Him!  Live for Him!  Serve Him!  Be faithful to the King in exile!  One day, you will reign with Him!”

And one day, this AnGeL will join with millions of other angels along with every creature in heaven and on earth and under the earth and on the sea, and all that is in them, who testify that the high price we have paid for following Jesus in a life of full surrender and obedient faith has been worth every moment! Why?  Because He is worth it!  Until that day, this AnGeL is absolutely confident that God is working out His plan and can be trusted to complete it!     (Revelation 5:13)

With Hope for tomorrow…and for today,

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