The Joy of My Heart ~ on Revelation

The Joy of My Heart – Subtitled, “Meditating Daily on God’s Word” has been an encouragement over the years.  Anne’s writing applies scriptural truth to everyday life,.  You’ll be blessed each day through reading The Joy of My Heart.  Here we hand-picked devotions that relate specifically to Anne’s Bible study, The Vision of His Glory, based on the book of Revelation.

Washed in the Blood
Revelation 1:5-6

Just Think on Jesus!
Revelation 1:5b

You Are On God’s Mind
Revelation 1:8

God Knows
Revelation 2:2

That’s Disgusting
Revelation 3:15

Everything Will Be New
Revelation 21:1

Your Future is Confirmed!
Revelation 21:2

Facing the Future with Hope
Revelation 21:2

Trust God’s Goodness
Revelation 21:4

No More Tears
Revelation 21:4

Facing Death
Revelation 21:4

The Home of Your Dreams
Revelation 21:5

An Extreme Make-Over
Revelation 21:5

Revelation 21:7

Built to Last
Revelation 21:14

Heaven Is Real
Revelation 21:15

The Pearly Gates
Revelation 21:21

Streets of Gold
Revelation 21:21

Heavenly Asphalt
Revelation 21:21

In His Presence … Forever!
Revelation 21:22


Look UP!
Revelation 22:14

No Night There
Revelation 21:23

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