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God’s Seal

June 21

If anyone does not have the Spirit of Christ, he is not His. - Romans 8:9, NKJV

In the Garden of Eden, God had been with man.

In the Old Testament, God had appeared to man.

In the Tabernacle, God had dwelt among men.

In the history of Israel, God had spoken through man.

In the Gospels, God was visible as Man.

But at Pentecost, God became available to dwell in man!

Until that Pentecost two thousand years ago, people were saved by faith in Jesus Christ, even though they didn’t know His Name. Their faith was demonstrated by the obedient sacrifices they made at the temple as they symbolically looked forward to the cross. Since Pentecost, we are still saved by faith in Jesus Christ. But our faith looks back to His sacrifice, which has already been made on our behalf at the cross. Additionally, we now have the experience of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, Who seals our “rebirth,” or “conversion.” Do you bear God’s “Seal” of authentic conversion?

From Just Give Me Jesus

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