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Open Your Eyes

March 9

"He will bring glory to me by taking from what is mine and making it known to you." - John 16:14, NIV

Without the Holy Spirit to clarify the truth to our minds and confirm Who Jesus is in our hearts, we would “see” Jesus as just . . .

a man,

or a holy man,

or a prophet,

or a symbolic figure!

But the Holy Spirit opens our eyes to see and our minds to know and our hearts to receive that Jesus is more than just a man . . . or a prophet . . . or a teacher . . . or a revolutionary . . . or an icon . . . or a symbol. Jesus is . . .

the Messiah of Israel,

the Son of God,

the Savior of the world,

the reigning King . . .

God Himself in the flesh!

From Pursuing MORE of Jesus

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