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Speaking Up for Jesus

January 12

"We cannot help speaking about what we have seen and heard." - Acts 4:20, NIV

It seems like just yesterday that our youngest daughter, Rachel-Ruth, gave birth to our first grandchild – a little girl named Ruth Bell Wright. Since that very first day, my husband and I were totally enthralled with this little girl.  She filled my heart.  I couldn’t help talking about her to anyone who would listen. I wasn’t afraid to talk about her. I didn’t plan in advance how I would talk about her. I didn’t worry about offending someone with my talk about her. I didn’t go to classes to learn how to talk about her. I didn’t read books on how to talk about her. I would just hug that little girl, feel her snuggle up against me, touch her soft cheek, and melt! Little Ruth Bell filled my heart!  And still fills my heart now that she is a teen-ager.  And what fills my heart comes out on my lips!

Why do we seem to make speaking up for Jesus so complicated? If He fills our hearts, He is going to come out on our lips! Like Peter and John, we will not be able to help “speaking about what we have seen and heard” of Him!

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