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God Speaks to Us Personally

August 4

His sheep follow him because they know his voice.
- John 10:4, NIV

The Shepherd speaks to us personally – by name. He knows us inside and out. And when He speaks, it’s in the language of our own personal lives, through a verse or passage of Scripture that just seems to leap up off the page with our name on it.

Again and again God has seemed to speak to me through the pages of my Bible, giving me the secret to restoring love in my marriage when it had run out, reassuring me of my son’s recovery to health before his cancer surgery, directing me again and again in the expansion and priorities in ministry, leading me out of one church and into another. In fact, I do not make a major decision, especially one involving others, without a specific word from my Shepherd.

God speaks personally – are you listening?

From Pursuing MORE Of Jesus

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