National Day of Prayer | May 5, 2022

May 5, 2022

While not perfect, our system of justice in the United States is the gold standard for the world. 

Regardless of your views on Roe vs. Wade, we should all be alarmed at the attack on the Supreme Court and the nine justices who preside there. On this evening of the National Day of Prayer, it’s time to petition the High Court of Heaven: 


Lord of the nations, 

You are the One who has eyes of blazing fire1…eyes that see behind closed doors, into the hearts and minds of men and women, whoever and wherever they may be. Darkness is as light to You. Nothing and no one are hidden from you.2 

Please. We ask that You shine Your light into the hidden recesses of the Supreme Court…into the offices of the justices, their law clerks and legal aides. Trust has been shattered in the most revered institution of our nation. You are the One who judges with justice.3 Expose the betrayal and the betrayer. Then restore trust within the Supreme Court. Guard our justice system. Defend the truth. Protect all nine justices, and their families, from those who seek to cause them harm. Preserve the Supreme Court as it was established by our Constitution. 

In the midst of this present darkness, chaos, and confusion, we turn to You. We run to You. The walls of our Republic have been breached. We desperately need Your help. We hold You to Your promise that if we, people who are called by Your name, would humble ourselves, pray as we seek Your face and turn from our own sin and wrong doing, that You would hear our prayer, forgive our sin, and heal the dangerous divide in our land.4 Restore us…we plead… as one nation under God. 

Have mercy on us. 

For the glory of Your great name…Jesus, 



1 Revelation 2:18

2 Psalm 139:11-12

3 Revelation 19:11

4 2 Chronicles 7:14

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