Feeling the Pain of the Unheard

June 3, 2020

Yet the Lord longs to be gracious to you; He rises to show you compassion. For the Lord is a God of justice. Isaiah 30:18

Dr. Bernice King, daughter of the late Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the CEO of the King Center in Atlanta, is a personal friend. I first met her in a television studio green room as we were waiting to be interviewed. I felt we made a connection. We are both daughters of famous preachers (who were also friends to each other), and we are preachers ourselves. So in the year 2000, when we held Just Give Me Jesus/Atlanta in the Philips Arena, I asked Dr. King to come and share her testimony with the overflow crowd of women who had gathered. She did. She shared in a very transparent way the anger and rage she had felt in the aftermath of her father’s assassination. But then she also shared she had found a sweet release when she turned to her Heavenly Father at the Cross, receiving His forgiveness as she in turn extended it to others.

We have stayed in touch over the years, at one point even calling monthly to pray with each other. Four years ago, she graciously hosted me at the King Center in Atlanta, giving me a tour of the meaningful facility that includes the tombs of both of her parents.

A friend forwarded this link to a video clip of Dr. King’s powerful and very moving statement on the current rioting and lawlessness in the wake of the horrific, senseless murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis. My heart tells me that had the demonstrations not turned violent, all of America would have been marching in the streets to protest this sickening injustice. The majority of us feel the pain of the unheard, the abused, and the oppressed. While I’m absolutely committed to proclaim the Gospel  to bring about permanent change in the human heart where the sins of racism and injustice are rooted, I believe my friend Dr. King deserves to be heard:

Please click on ‘adjust volume’ to listen…









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