Reflecting on our Mothers: Conversations with Anne and Rachel-Ruth…and Sophia

May 10, 2020

Conversations with Anne and Rachel-Ruth…and Sophia

Join Anne with daughter, Rachel-Ruth and granddaughter, Sophia as they reflect on their Mothers…

… I want to share with you…this is the Bible that my mother gave me the day I was baptized. I used it through my marriage until I started teaching the Scriptures and then I moved to another one. After that I used another one for speaking.

Let me read you what she put in the flyleaf. It says… To Anne, who on this January 13th, 1957 publicly took her stand for Christ her Savior. This book is your one sure guide in an unsure world. Read it. Study it. Love it. Live it. In it you will find a verse for every occasion … hide them in your heart. We love you. Mother and Daddy.

I have taken her counsel. I have done my best to read God’s Word, to study it, to love it, to live it out. And it has been counsel that has been lasting and of benefit to me for my entire life.

So we want to challenge you to think about the legacy that you are leaving to your children and to your grandchildren. Be intentional about the way you are seeking to lead them to the Lord and impress them with a love for His Word.

And share your thoughts below … on this Mother’s Day … what is one thing that stands out when you think about your mother…

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